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The secret garden by Zsolt Kiss

Lofoten, Norway

honestly i love harper a lot and i need to give her more credit. she’s my tiny baby.

she’s also my character that’s done the most cool things b/c she’s my only veteran from the Battle of Arah! she was on the ground with priory exploration teams, admittedly she fucked up bad, got injured, and had to get carried out by her (soon to be) girlfriend. but she was there lmao

and then she worked in arah for months cataloguing artifacts and cleaning out risen that keep swarming up, which is cool and impressive

she’ll probably get called to go do mordremoth shit because of her experience in orr, which will be… not a fun thing for her

idk i just have OC emotions (tm)

priory scholar harper dwight got a makeover, so she finally has as many freckles as she deserves! this hairstyle is so perfect too, it’s like rania tried to braid her hair but her hands were just too big— or harper’s been in arah for weeks with the priory and just couldn’t care less if she’s disheveled. either one is pretty canon.


a good time was had at the musical improv comedy show


Me more than likely


a man is selling water at a convention. the man has had a good experience with the con-goers until he sees them: a horde of furries making a beeline for his humble stand. he picks up the cooler of water and runs. he catches a glance behind him, and sure enough, they are in hot fursuit


my cat was sleeping on my bed tonight


i was bored in the car 💖✨


Ibaraki-ken, Japan
Shumon Saito