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Faolain emerged from the Pale Tree with Caithe. Faolain had been all about questions, and Caithe had been all about answers. They were dear to each other and set out together to explore the world. But Caithe’s spirit had grown straight and true like a young tree while Faolain’s had grown twisted like a poison-ivy vine.

So excited about our Sylvari. These characters have one of my favorite back stories of all time. We still have more work to do on these guys and hopefully more shoots to follow upon completion! 

Caithe X (Me)
Faolain X 
Photo by WWCosplay Photo X X


「ながれぐも」/「pomodorosa」のイラスト [pixiv]


wow fighting each other on the internet all day doesn’t get boring for u guys????

for a second I was like “aren’t you in a WvW guild tho?” but then I realized. that is not what was intended

who’s got 2 thumbs, passed out on a nurse today, and got a result from tests saying I don’t have epilepsy??? this girllll
guess who’s not that excited? also this girl because my symptoms are, well, still here lol.. this just means we don’t know what they are, which is slightly less good


Alpaca godess


White Chrysanthemum. (x).


From The 50 Greatest Love Letters of All Time, edited by David H, Lowenherz


Next generation special forces

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