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I want to scoop up all the Quaggan and put them someplace nice and safe.


i am always so weirdly offended when my selfies don’t get like 50+ notes

every time i do icc i cry about tirion’s speech at the beginning, because the first time i heard that was when i was at an AWFUL time in my life. i sat there at my computer tryin not to cry in a lvl 85 icc raid with all these ppl i looked up to.

i still get really emotional about it.

if i ever get a tattoo, which probably will never happen unless i stop being scared of needles, i would probably get this part of it,b/c this is MY PART of it:

"Fear is your greatest enemy in these befouled halls. Steel your heart and your soul will shine brighter than a thousand suns. The enemy will falter at the sight of you."

eva-420 said: i dont use any tags i am just exceedingly aware of my web presence also what difficulty are you on? can you switch halfway in icc i always forget what the rules are

i was on 10h because that’s where the set i want drops. here look how cute my night elf is in it. i care more about this set than i do gear that actually works.

eva-420 said: how do u get past the boat it always fucks me up

mash ur cannons aiming at the ship before their mage ice blocks you, you can kill it in like 3 hits now LOL

also in world of warcraft hating me: i soloed icc today for transmog on my bm hunter (mind you my hunter’s pve set is ilvl 423 so this took five years)

the only thing i got out of it that i can use is one cloak. a singular cloak

trying to play mmos as someone who is conscious of social issues.png

*logs into wow*

im going to the blue recluse. i wonder what amazing rp i will find : )

i found a “cured worgen”, a half vrykul half human, some guy with his arm cut off who is calmly sitting around having a drink while he waits for a healer, a stormwind guard getting in a fight, and a few guys trying to ignore all that to get drunk.

oh, and also a male character who harassed anisse for half an hour after she’d told him to let her alone and stop trying to buy her things w/o getting to know her first, without my ooc consent to that sort of rp, and also without punctuation or any sort of care about how readable his posts are

*logs out of wow*



This girl came up to me today and asked for my number. I told her nah I wasn’t interested AND SHE FUCKING CALLED ME A MISOGYNIST and I’m just like “YA I’m gay and don’t want anything to do with you” and she got so angry about how she deserves respect and how since she’s a woman and the patriarchy is oppressing her and that I didn’t have a right to not give her my number since I’m male

So I just told her to swerve

Lmao my favorite thing is when white dudes make up stories about feminists/sj folk they meet irl because they honestly are so fucking clueless about what people are ACTUALLY saying (because they refuse to listen) that they think shit like this is believable. Anyone who understands the most basic fundamentals of the conversation can spot this as being fake as shit from 3,000,000 miles away.

Absolutely pathetic, would ridicule again


Nailed it!

Nicki Minaj (2010  2014)



when u fuck up in an mmo and ya group blames it on someone else


when u fuck up in an mmo and ya group blames it on u image

holy shit that’s why this is getting so many notes. welcome back my awful text post child

i hate that “fucked up sad cat” meme get that shit off my dash and far away from me i love that cat and it makes me so sad whenever i see it

ill just. block every post associated with it